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IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS4IBS Approved Practitioners

Find your local IBS4IBS Approved Practitioner of IBS Hypnotherapy, using this page.

Hypnotherapists who have undertaken the unique and thorough programme of study are eligible to apply for Approved Practitioner Status of IBS4IBS.

The practitioners named below have not only taken the time to learn the IBS4IBS methods; they have also undertaken a rigorous assessment to prove their understanding of anatomy and physiology, diagnosis and symptoms of IBS, and their approach to treating clients with IBS using the IBS4IBS methods.

Only once a practitioner has satisfied the examination requirements are they able to call themselves an 'approved practitioner' of IBS4IBS, and use the IBS4IBS approved practitioner logo on their website.

There is a growing number of elite practitioners who are qualifying.

There are also many practitioners who have undertaken my training, but not undergone assessment.

Please contact me if you would like to find out whether a hypnotherapist in your area has taken the training, but is not (yet!) an approved practitioner of IBS4IBS.

If you are a hypnotherapist who has studied IBS4IBS and would like to be included on the register, please also contact me.

No details will be given to anyone without the express permission of the therapist, or the enquiring potential client.

Approved IBS4IBS Practitioners:

Helen Bremner
IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy
hel[email protected]
West Midlands, UK.

Kevin M. Daugherty

Greater Life Health


[email protected]

Serving the Capitol Region and Adirondacks of New York, US.

Carol Buchanan
Moveon Counselling
61 Hutchinson Street
Mount Barker
South Australia
South Australia

Dave Morrice
[email protected]
Nottingham, UK

Emma Charlton Hypnotherapy
07855 858350
[email protected]
Bristol, UK

Grove Therapy Room
02476 518874
07990 512466
[email protected]

01579 308232
Devon and Cornwall, UK

John Gotelee
[email protected]
Newbury, West Berkshire, UK

Leona Dawson
Neuro Hypnotherapy
0403 125 332
[email protected]
Gordon and Sydney, Australia

Lilian Whitehead
The Complete Therapist
07876 644469
[email protected]
St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Tony Yuile

Professional Hypnotist (IBS)

00 64 (0)210 568 389


[email protected]

Serving NZ and Globally via the internet