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IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy Course

The IBS4IBS Home Treatment Programme

For sufferers of IBS, Helen developed the IBS4IBS home treatment programme.

There are 10 recordings in this series, each addressing different aspects of IBS.

There is also an e-book, which is designed to complement the recordings; but which can be used independently.

Listen to modules in the privacy of your own home, or wherever you choose.

Each module flows gently from a hypnotic induction to a therapeutic technique, used in Helen's highly effective hypnotherapy sessions, building to a complete toolkit, to help the IBS sufferer to take control of the disabling symptoms of having an irritable bowel.

Buy each module separately, or save many pounds by buying the complete programme in one.

Ease pain, diarrhoea, constipation, cramps, anxiety and all IBS symptoms with these proven methods.

                                                                                   Join hundreds of others, and take control of your IBS, and claim back your life.

                                                                                        CDs and MP3s make excellent gifts for someone you know who has IBS.

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