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IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy Correspondence Course for Hypnotherapists

This course will help increase your understanding of what IBS is, and give you effective tools to support your clients with. All of this work has been used effectively for patients in the only NHS Primary Care IBS hypnotherapy service in England, and possibly further (I haven’t asked!).

97% of my patients experienced reduced symptom severity, in my clinics in which I saw 27 patients every week.


IBS4IBS is approved by The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.


IBS4IBS is used across the world, on several continents! It encompasses integrative approaches to helping people.


  • You get my assessment form which helps you to ask clients the right questions: safely and thoroughly.
  • You get 2 MP3s:one for use during and one after therapy.
  • You get ALL the scripts that I have written and use with my patients.
  • You get the handouts I give to clients.
  • You get approved practitioner status by completing the assessments (answering quiz questions and case studies).
  • You CANNOT get this elsewhere; there is no other hypnotherapy service for IBS on the NHS in the community! IBS4IBS methods are unique.
  • Successful completion of the course allows GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) members to be listed on the GHR Specialist Register for IBS and Gastrointestinal Disorders. The course is valid GHR CPD.
  • On successful ciompletion of assessment, you get (optional) FREE inclusion on the IBS4IBS Approved Practitioner Register.
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Feedback from IBS4IBS Learners:

'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this course together! Everything is so helpful . . . Including but not limited to: the information about IBS, the links to forms, the handouts for clients, the scripts, and the recordings . . . ' Erika Bunnin (hypnotist and health educator, California).

'The case studies have been very helpful and I have enjoyed exploring their complexity and nuances - strange as that may sound :-)

Thank you for pulling this resource set and training together.' Leona Dawson (Approved Practitioner of IBS4IBS).

'Really find it so thorough, so informed and appropriate ' Jenn Price-Jones

'Am loving the course, content, detail and links and would congratulate you on the quality of the course.

In the year or since embarking on your training course, I am a different practitioner.
I would endorse your course as having two distinct benefits.
1. That it does what it says on the tin and ALL of the clients I have seen and treated for IBS have made measurable improvements.w
2. That the course and the skills i gained gave me an insight into what I didn't known and was unaware I didn't know. Truly a wonderful gift.

Dave Morrice (Approved Practitioner of IBS4IBS)

'I found it really useful' 'ID'

'Many thanks for my certificate, I look forward to using the techniques to help many people. The certificate arriving on my birthday has to top the present list!' 'LMc' (Approved Practitioner of IBS4IBS)

'With your help (your system) I can continue your great work here in Australia... makes me Smile' 'MH'