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IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy Course

About Helen Bremner



Helen is an experienced colorectal and intensive care nurse. Her passion for caring for the whole individual led her to also undertake training in hypnotherapy and NLP.


She set up and delivered the only NHS primary care IBS Hypnotherapy Service. The service had high levels of patient satisfaction and 97% of patients gained reduced symptoms after therapy with Helen.


Helen was a member of an NHS IBS Steering Group ('Map of Medicine'), aiming to get hypnotherapy recognised as the effective, evidence-based treatment it is.

Rigorous research supporting the use of hypnotherapy to help IBS goes back 30 years, and shows that results are sustained over many years.



Helen Bremner is an experienced mentor and an active peer supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).


She is the subject expert for Hypnotherapy for a well-known, national nursing accreditation unit which ensures that courses which are given accreditation are safe, thorough and of high quality.


Helen’s specialised IBS training methods have reached as far afield as Qatar, Oregon, Australia and Canada.


Recently, a South Korean television production company came to the UK to interview Helen for a bowel disease documentary. Helen has also been interviewed by BBC radio, the National Council of Hypnotherapy and The Sunday Express magazine. She had articles published in the Primary Care Gastroenterology Society journal, Frontline Gastroenterology and Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

Helen has acted as an article reviewer for the British Journal of Nursing.


Helen Won the Patient Care category of the gastrointestinal Nursing Awards 2012.

Helen won FIRST PRIZE for Gastrointestinal Innovation, 2012.

Helen created Imaginative Bremner Solutions for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS4IBS) to help people with IBS to cope better with their symptoms, and to help other hypnotherapists to help people with IBS, using proven techniques.