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IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy Course

IBS Hypnotherapy



Helen Bremner is a very experienced intensive care nurse, hypnotherapist and integrative counsellor, based in the West Midlands, UK.

She designed, set up and led the only NHS Primary Care IBS Hypnotherapy service in the country. She earned senior membership of the General Hypnotherapy Register with her extensive experience.

She shares the benefit of her years of direct patient contact, education and teaching in packages which help both patients/clients and other therapists to continue her work.

She has a website, www.westmidlandshypnotherapy.webs.com for general hypnotherapy issues.

She has a website, www.BirthTraumaRelease.webs.com to help sufferers of Birth Trauma (post-natal PTSD).

Read Helen's blog: https://ibshypnotherapist.wordpress.com

Follow Helen on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibs.hypnotherapy

This website, IBShypnotherapycourse.webs.com, is for sufferers of IBS and for hypnotherapists wanting to improve their ability to help people with IBS.

For IBS sufferers, there is the IBS4IBS home treatment programme.This is available in one complete series, or as single recordings.

A self-help e-book is now available, guiding you to better health and happiness. It is designed to complement the home treatment programme recordings, but it can also be used independently.

There is also a growing number of professional hypnotherapists who have undertaken study and assessments in order to be recognised as Approved Practitioners of IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy methods. Click here to find an approved therapist near you!

 For hypnotherapists, this is your chance to become an approved practitioner of IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy and make the difference to your clients' lives by enhancing your therapeutic options. IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy methods have been used with 97% effectiveness in NHS clinics. They have also been used with high success rates on several continents. 

This is the only course which shares methods used by the NHS in great detail, gives you lots of scripts, lots of background information on IBS symptoms and safe diagnosis, provides you with two client use recordings and even offers you 3 months of e-mailed support with your IBS clients or queries.

If you're helping people with IBS, or have IBS, you can't afford to be without IBS4IBS!

Coming soon: Helen is presenting at the UK Hypnosis Convention in London in November 2018!

Helen was interviewed by the Royal College of Nursing about IBS4IBS and her awards. Click this link to read the interview.

Helen won the Bladder and Bowel UK Award in 2017 for her innovative work with hypnotherapy for IBS, especially IBS4IBS.

Click this link to find out more.

Helen was interviewed by Lara Brook, a podcaster and blogger about the Low FODMAP diet and other approaches for IBS.

Click this link to access the podcast.

Helen was interviewed by Howard Cooper, a hypnotist and rapid change consultant.

Click this link to access the podcast.

Helen was interviewed by Adam Eason, self-proclaimed hypnosis geek, researcher, author and principal of his own training school.

Click this link to access the podcast.

Helen presented at The Hypnotism Conference - change | phenomena on May 16th 2015.

 Click this link for more information.

Helen's work was used to inform practice by the Royal College of Surgeons (England) in 2014.

Click this link to read the guidance.